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Arrested for Drunk Driving?  I Am Ready to Defend You.

     If you or a loved one has been arrested for drunk driving in New Jersey, you must speak with an experienced DWI/DUI lawyer as soon as possible. A first conviction will result in the loss of your driving privileges for at least 3 months, and potentially as long as 1 year. Add to this the fines, costs, surcharges and insurance points that will be assessed against you, and the impact can be devastating to your employment and your family budget. When you are stopped for a DWI or DUI offense, you will be observed, tested, evaluated and potentially video-taped. All of these types of evidence will be used by the prosecutor in an effort to convict you.Obviously, the first thing a person who is stopped does is talk to the police officer and try to explain their way out of the situation. Unfortunately, most persons stopped for these types of offenses are already in a confused and agitated state, and it is easy for them to say the wrong thing and provide the police with additional observations of 'slurred speech', breath alcohol and belligerent comments about how unfair the officer is being.

I've Been Arrested, Now What Can I Do?

   There are things you can do after you are arrested to potentially improve your chances of either beating the DWI charge or reducing the impact of the conviction, but they need to be started as soon as possible, not a week or two later. To learn the potential steps that may impact your case, you need to become educated in how these cases are handled by the police and prosecutor, and you need the assistance of an experienced DWI defense lawyer. DWI defense is both a science and an art, and in addition to a thorough understanding of the law and the facts of your particular case, frequently involve issues pertaining to physiology, electronics and psychometric evaluations.Keep every option for defense open. 
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    I am ready to defend you.  I understand how the breath test equipment works, and the standardized test procedures mandated for the breath test results to be admissible in Court. I understand how the so-called field sobriety tests are supposed to be performed, and the typical mistakes police make in having a suspected DWI offender perform them. I also understand when it is advisable to use the services of an expert to assist the defense. I will vigorously protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome in your case.Are You Prepared for the Consequences of Conviction?We know that mistakes happen. I also know that having one too many drinks and then getting behind the wheel can have long-lasting and severe consequences. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you could be facing penalties that impact your life for years to come — fines, incarceration, loss of driving privileges, insurance increases. I work to limit the effects drunken driving charges have on your everyday life. I analyze the evidence, attack the illegal defects, assist you in developing the strongest defense, and work with you to get the best possible outcome in your case. 
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