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The Biggest Question: How to Pick Criminal Attorney

If you are arrested, is most likely the first time you have ever had to face the difficult question of how to pick an experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend you. There are many articles posted on the internet, some of which are quite accurate in stating the most important factors to be considered. This article briefly synopzies the factors I consider the most important.
  1. GET INFORMATION. Ask your friends who they have heard is a good lawyer. Go on-line and look those names up and see what is posted about them. Do a Google search for lawyers practicing that type of law in your State. Check sites like and see what the lawyer has posted about himself, what articles he has written, and most importantly, what recommendations he has received from other lawyers and from past clients. Follow this up by checking out the lawyer's websites, to see if they provide useful information about your legal problem. Learn about your case before you start talking to a lawyer, so you have a basic understanding of the types of issues the lawyer should be talking to you about.
  2. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A FREE CONSULTATION. Most lawyers offer a free consultation, some over the phone, some with a time limit, some in person. Call the lawyer and see if the lawyer will give you a phone consultation. If he does, you can immediately assess whether the lawyer will take the time to learn what your problems are, so you can see how the lawyer assesses your actual need for legal representation. This also gives you a quick impression as to whether the lawyer has familiarity with your problem area. Ask the lawyer to explain the charges and the possible sentences. Ask what the fee schedules are, but don't start picking a lawyer on the basis of cost, at least not until you have met each lawyer face-to-face.
  3. SCHEDULE A FACE-TO-FACE APPOINTMENT. Once you are satisfied that the lawyer knows what they are talking about, schedule a consultation. Make a list of your questions, such as what proof the prosecution would need to file the charges; what the possible penalties are - like prison, fines, or deportation; and, what the costs are of the representation. Listen to the answers, are they easy for you to understand? If yes, this is a good indicator that the lawyer knows what they are talking about; and, knows how to talk about the law in a way that is easy for a non-lawyer to understand. If you are arrested, finding a lawyer that makes you feel comfortable that they will be able to explain the law to you, is a very important consideration.

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Massachusetts Car Crash lawyer on Sunday, August 05, 2012 11:28 PM
I love to read this kind of stuff!
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